Thinking Kanaky Decolonially

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Decolonial investigations often take the “after” of decolonization as a point of departure, arguing that modernity/coloniality does not end with independences. This text challenges the taken-for-granted assumption that political decolonizations are over and aims to orient us toward thinking decolonially from Kanaky-New Caledonia, a non-decolonized country currently in an institutional process of decolonization from France, and with people currently fighting for independence. In this paper, we explore three axis of reflection: the coloniality of relations, thinking beyond independence, and pluriversality. The paper highlights the importance of radical relationality as worldview, which can be found in Kanak ways of inhabiting the world, in order to resist the logic of separation of modernity/coloniality and patriarchal, racist, colonial and capitalist systems of oppression and domination.
JulkaisuArtha Journal of Social Sciences
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 huhtik. 2021
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