The virtual people set : developing computer-generated stimuli for the assessment of pedophilic sexual interest

B Dombert, A Mokros, E Brückner, V Schlegl, Jan Antfolk, A Bäckström, A Zappalà, M Osterheider, Pekka Santtila

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The implicit assessment of pedophilic sexual interest through viewing-time methods necessitates visual stimuli. There are grave ethical and legal concerns against using pictures of real children, however. The present report is a summary of findings on a new set of 108 computer-generated stimuli. The images vary in terms of gender (female/male), explicitness (naked/clothed), and physical maturity (prepubescent, pubescent, and adult) of the persons depicted. A series of three studies tested the internal and external validity of the picture set. Studies 1 and 2 yielded good-to-high estimates of observer agreement with regard to stimulus maturity levels by two methods (categorization and paired comparison). Study 3 extended these findings with regard to judgments made by convicted child sexual offenders.
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JulkaisuSexual Abuse
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TilaJulkaistu - 2013
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