Selective updating of sentences: Introducing a new measure of verbal working memory

Daniel Fellman, Anna Soveri, Charlotte Viktorsson, Sarah Haga, Johannes Nylund, Sanna Johansson, Jakob Edman, Felix von Renteln, Matti Laine

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Working memory (WM) is one of the most studied cognitive constructs in psychology, because of

its relevance to human performance, including language processing. When measuring verbal WM for

sentences, the reading span task is the most widely used WM measure for this purpose. However,

comparable sentence-level updating tasks are missing. Hence, we sought to develop a WM updating

task, which wetermed the selective updating of sentences (SUS) task, which taps the ability to constantly

update sentences. In two experiments with Finnish-speaking young adults, we examined the internal

consistency and concurrent validity of the SUS task. It exhibited adequate internal consistency and

correlated positively with well-established working memory measures. Moreover, the SUS task also

showed positive correlations with verbal episodic memory tasks employing sentences and paragraphs.

These results indicate that the SUS task is a promising new task for psycholinguistic studies addressing

verbal WM updating.

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JulkaisuApplied Psycholinguistics
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TilaJulkaistu - 2017
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  • working memory