Seksuell trakassering i norske redaksjoner – og hvorfor det ikke varsles [Sexual harassment in Norwegian newsrooms – and why it is not reported]

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As a response to the international #MeToocampaign in the fall of 2017, a survey on sexual harassment was conducted amongNorwegian media workers. In this article we present findings from the partcovering editors and journalists (N = 3282). The study investigates therelationship between unwanted sexual attention and sexual harassment, whocommitted the harassment, whether the employer was alerted, and why some chosenot to do so. The study indicates that one out of four newsroom members hadexperienced unwanted sexual attention/sexual harassment during the last sixmonths and that sexual harassment was related to the extent of the unwantedattention to a larger degree than single incidents. Managers were involved inmore than 20% of the incident, the #MeToo-cases, and that temporaries andfemale employees were the most susceptible for harassment. Only 14% of theincidents had been reported. Three out of four had decided that their case wastoo minor to bring up. In the rest of the cases, fear for consequences andshame were the most important reason not to alert.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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  • alert
  • temporary vs. permanent staff
  • age
  • #MeToo
  • Gender