Sambandet mellan familjebakgrund, utbildning och ekonomisk framgång i Finland: The connections between family background, education and economic development in Finland

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    The possibilities and future of children are affected by their genetic heritage, upbringing, parental income, education and other investments done by the public sector. Historically education and technology, and also equality to a certain extent, have been emphasised in Finland. At the same time, the population has been relatively homogenous. The level of education is high, and relatively evenly distributed. However, lately there have been several changes in the society. Children's living conditions are becoming more unequal. There is also evidence for decreased child wellbeing. The public sector investments in children could reduce the polarization, if political aspiration existed.
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    JulkaisuEkonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift
    TilaJulkaistu - 2008
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