Recovery of bioactive compounds from Pinus pinaster wood by consecutive extraction stages

Enma Conde, Wenwen Fang, Jarl Hemming, Stefan Willför, Herminia Domínguez, Juan Carlos Parajó

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    Pinus pinaster wood samples, obtained at different positions of three healthy trees, were subjected to two sequential extractions using an Accelerated Solvent Extraction instrument. The first extraction was carried out with hexane (to remove lipophilic extractives) and the second one with acetone/water (95:5 v/v) to recover bioactive phenolic compounds, the target compounds of this study. The extracted fractions were assayed for total yield and composition. The extracts contained a spectrum of phenolic compounds (simple phenolics, phenolic stilbenes, flavonoids and lignans) and non-phenolic components (juvabiones, resin and fatty acids, steryl esters and triglycerides). The fractionation effects achieved by consecutive extractions and the recovery of bioactive phenolics are discussed.
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    JulkaisuWood Science and Technology
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2014
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    • Extraction
    • Bioactive phenolics
    • Pinus pinaster
    • Wood