Orodispersible films: Conception to quality by design

Maram Suresh Gupta, Tegginamath Pramod Kumar, Devegowda Vishkante Gowda, Jessica M. Rosenholm

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Orodispersible films (ODFs) are ultra-thin, stamp-sized, elegant, portable and patient-centric pharmaceutical dosage forms that do not need water to be ingested. They are particularly useful for paediatric and geriatric patient populations with special needs such as dysphagia, Parkinson’s disease, and oral cancer. Accordingly, they hold tremendous potential in gaining patient compliance, convenience and pharmacotherapy. In the present review, conception and evolution of ODFs as a product and its technology are discussed. The review continues by providing overview about the potential of ODFs as carriers for delivering drugs, herbal extracts, probiotics and vaccines. Besides, strategies employed in drug cargo loading, taste masking of bitter drugs and enhancing drug stability are discussed. Finally, the review concludes by providing a brief overview about quality by design (QbD) principles in development of ODFs.
JulkaisuAdvanced Drug Delivery Reviews
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TilaJulkaistu - marrask. 2021
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