On the construction of a problem sequence

Lars Burman

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Thisarticle is a complementary article to three earlier published articles (Burman& Wallin, 2014; Burman, 2014; Burman, 2016) about the use of problem sequencesin mathematics instruction in the grades seven to nine in Finland. The pupils workwith problems using the same strategy in different contexts, or with only oneproblem where they gradually proceed towards the solution. In both cases, the problemsare solved in steps under the guidance of the teacher. Thearticle focuses on the considerations designer of a problem sequence has, asthe design of the sequence is accomplished. In general, the pupils are supposedto be provided with the possibility to think creatively, to work mostly ingroups but also individually, and to be inspired by tasks related to real-worldsituations.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2017
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  • Creative thinking
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Problem sequences
  • Teacher Guidance