LNG port interconnection with the natural gas distribution network in Finland

Markéta Mikolajková-Alifov, Henrik Saxén, Frank Pettersson, Petar Sabev Varbanov (Toimittaja), Jirí Jaromír Klemeš (Toimittaja), Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi (Toimittaja), Jun Yow Yong (Toimittaja), Xia Liu (Toimittaja)

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In  northern  countries,  such  as  Finland,  the  heat  and  electricity  consumption  are  strongly  affected  by seasonal  conditions.  Thus  in  the  cold  and  dark  winter  season  the  consumption is higher than  during  the other periods of the year. This leads to a strong seasonal component in the demand of natural gas, which is mainly used by heat and power plants. The current study focuses on the natural gas pipeline in Finland and  considers  options  of  extending  the  pipeline  to  new  cities  and/or  connecting  it  with  future  LNG terminals.  The  simulation  of  the  gas  pipeline  is  based  on  information  about  the  present  layout,  outdoor temperatures  and  a  rough  estimate  of  the  distribution of  the  consumption  in  the nodes. For  a  given  pipe network  and  given  demands,  it  provides  inform ation  about  the  pressures,  flow  rates  and  compressor duties.  Furthermore,  using  the  model  within  an  optimisation  framework,  the  feasibility  of  extending  the pipeline  to  new  regions  and/or  connecting  LNG  sites  with  regasification  facilities  to  the  network  can  be studied. The task is formulated as an MINLP optimisation problem, where, e.g., the choice of suitable sites for  new  LNG  terminals  in  Finland  can  be  evaluated,  considering  the  future  development  of  the  whole natural  gas  distribution  network  and  the  gas  demand  around  it.  This  is  a  key  issue  to  decrease  the dependence on the present energy supply paths and to increase the capacity without pipeline investments in remote regions.
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JulkaisuChemical Engineering Transactions
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TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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  • Natural gas
  • Pipeline
  • Cost optimization
  • Non-convex optimization