Kön, kyrka och kyrkligt ledarskap. En teologisk studie av unga prästers uppfattningar i Finland och Sverige

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This article explores how gender, views of pastoral work and views of ecclesiology interact among young priests in the Church of Sweden and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Using a survey we develop a model used to discern if the young priests emphasize leadership or serving in their pastoral work. We then compare this model with their views on e.g. sex, gender and the Church. The article shows that sex has is a significant factor in how one tends to view pastoral work. Men tend to see pastoral work more as leadership, whereas women tend to emphasize serving others. At the same time, another factor – to what degree they are enculturated in church culture and tradition – plays a role in clarifying some patterns in the data. This factor, too, interacts with sex, but in some cases it has more explanatory power than sex. The article sheds light on a polarization in views among priest in both Finland and Sweden.

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JulkaisuScandinavian Journal for Leadership and Theology
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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  • Gender
  • Evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland
  • Svenska kyrkan
  • Leadership
  • church