Investigating adoption factors of 3G services: An empirical study in Vietnam

Tommi J. Tapanainen, Kien T. Dao, Hai Nguyen

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This study aimed to examine the factors thataffect the 3G mobile services adoption. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)was utilized and structural equation modeling was applied to the data sampleobtained from a survey in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The research foundthat perceived usefulness have the strongest effect on intention and attitudeto adopt. Socialinfluence does not affect 3G services adoption. The result also underlines thevariable of attitude that it should not be eliminated from technologyacceptance models. Based on the findings, this research proposes practicalrecommendations to 3G providers, such as enhancing the service usefulness andfocusing on features developed via collaborations between telecommunicationcarriers and content developers. Furthermore, 3G providers are recommended tofocus on understanding their customers’ needs better rather than relying onpeer and social advertising in promoting 3G services. Finally, futureresearch is proposed to study theeffect of different combinations of perceived enjoyment, usefulness and ease ofuse, and therelationship between perceived cost, social influence andintention on 3G services adoption.

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JulkaisuElectronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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