Interest, sensemaking and adaptive processes in emerging business networks – An Australian biofuel case

Christopher J. Medlin, Jan-Åke Törnroos

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    We contribute to the literature, firstly by elaborating sensemaking as an inter-organizational process. Second, we contribute by displaying how processual research captures reality in flight. Third, an interest model is developed in conjunction with how managers jointly develop an understanding and adapt their surrounding business network, so as to fit R&D into the social-economic environment. We develop the concept of inter-organizational sensemaking by elaborating the in-between; a joint and multi-actor understanding of the way resources-activities and the network of actors can change. Sensemaking is undertaken purposefully and so the interests of society, individual managers, firms and the mutual interests inherent with inter-organizational change also play a part. Our processual method studies events and activities through sequences of phases and periods defined by the researchers. A longitudinal case study of an emergent biofuel network exemplifies this approach. The paper discusses future research and managerial implications.
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    JulkaisuIndustrial Marketing Management
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2014
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