Integrity and Efficiency in Nursing Leadership: An Integrative Review

Jessica Hemberg, Susanne Salmela

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Background: Research on efficient nurse leaders as managers who lead with integrity is scant.

Aim: To explore the role integrity plays in efficient managerial leadership in nursing care.

Methodology: The study has a qualitative design using a modified integrative review method. A literature search of electronic databases was performed between 2011-2020.

Results: The permeation of integrity can be described as efficient managerial nurse leaders leading relationships and processes by integrating a caring and interactive team spirit and different leadership styles. Such value-based and caring interactions are rooted in the nursing culture, which is the foundation of all activities in an organization. Through an integrated leadership model comprised of leadership and management woven together by integrity, efficient managerial leadership in nursing care can be strengthened.

Conclusion: The integrated leadership model serves improving efficient managerial leadership in nursing care, thus serving the human beings in care. The integrated leadership model consists of both leadership and management, where integrity, as part of ethics, plays an essential role in strengthening efficient managerial leadership.
JulkaisuInternational Journal of Caring Sciences
TilaJulkaistu - 19 lokak. 2021
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