Influence of two different alcohols in the esterification of fatty acids over layered zinc stearate/palmitate

Eduardo Paiva, Marcos Lúcio Corazza, Maria Rita Sierakowski, Johan Wärnå, Dmitry Murzin, Fernando Wypych, Tapio Salmi

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In this work, esterification of fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and stearic acid) with a commercial zinc carboxylate (a layered compound formed by simultaneous intercalation of stearate and palmitate anions) was performed. Kinetic modeling using a quasi-homogeneous approach successfully fitted experimental data at different molar ratio of fatty acids/alcohols (1-butanol and 1-hexanol) and temperature. An apparent first-order reaction related to all reactants was found and activation energy of 66 kJ/mol was reported. The catalyst showed to be unique, as it can be easily recovered like a heterogeneous catalysts behaving like ionic liquids. In addition, this catalyst demonstrated a peculiar behavior, because higher reactivity was observed with the increase in the alcohols chain length compared to the authors’ previous work using ethanol.
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JulkaisuBioresource Technology
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TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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