In Search of Solid Ground: Understanding the Epistemology, Hermeneutics, and Theology in Walter Brueggemann’s Theology of the Old Testament, Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy

Karl-Henrik Wallerstein

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ForWalter Brueggemann, the postmodern situation offers a new perspective onbiblical interpretation that forges its way between the historical-criticalmethod and classical church theology. In his masterly Theology of the OldTestament, Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy (1997) Brueggemann present a newtrajectory for the discipline of the Old Testament which is based on a newepistemological and hermeneutical ground.

However,Brueggemann’s conclusion of a concept of God in the fray has been a challengefor the discipline. This thesis offers an analysis of his approach from thebackdrop of his concept of God and its relationship between the biblical textand Brueggemann’s own epistemological and hermeneutical presuppositions aspresented in Theology of the OldTestament.

Theargument in this thesis is that it is possible to conclude a theologicalcounter-testimony without a tension within YHWH. Instead of a concept of God intension this thesis suggests that Brueggemann’s distinction of God above thefray and God in the fray could be labeled God above the fray and Israel in thefray.

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