Human-Centered Design in Mobile Application Development: Emerging Methods

Eyal Eshet

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    Mobile platforms (e.g., Google Android, Apple iOS) and their closely integrated app stores transformed the mobile industry and opened the market for mobile application developers. Consequently, applications for smartphones quickly soared to phenomena levels. As mobile technology continues to evolve and shape human interaction with technology, human-centered design (HCD) methods adapt to the capabilities of technology and to the needs of mobile application development. This study presents a preliminary review of 79 research papers on the practice of HCD in mobile application development for the smartphone touch era. The aim of the study is to highlight emerging methods and their implications for mobile application development. The methods discovered by this study assist mobile application developers to better understand their target users. Further research is needed, particularly in exploring what user research and evaluation methods are the most effective in the context of mobile application development.
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    JulkaisuInternational Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2012
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    • user-centered development
    • Mobile application
    • smartphones
    • Systematic literature review
    • usability and user experience