Combination of reaction and separation in heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of ethylformate

Gerson Martin, Carla Pereira, Frank Pettersson, Henrik Saxén, Dmitry Murzin, Alírio Rodrigues, Tapio Salmi

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Continuous hydrogenation reaction of ethyl benzoylformate was studied over a (–)-cinchonidine (CD)-modified Pt/Al2O3 catalyst. The catalyst showed a good stability, and high enantioselectivity was achieved in the fixed-bed reactor. Chromatographic separation of (R)- and (S)-ethyl mandelate originating from a post-continuous hydrogenation reaction of ethyl benzoylformate over the (–)-CD-modified Pt/Al2O3 catalyst was investigated in the same reaction mixture. A commercial column filled with a chiral selector resin was chosen as a perspective preparative-scale adsorbent. Since adsorption equilibrium isotherms were linear within the entire investigated range of concentrations, they were determined by pulse experiments for the isomers present in a post-reaction mixture. Breakthrough curves were measured and described successfully by the dispersive plug-flow model with linear driving force approximation.
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JulkaisuChemical Engineering and Technology
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TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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