CFD-modeling for more precise operation of the kraft recovery boiler

Markus Engblom, Markus, Miikkulainen, Pasi, Anders Brink, Anders, Mikko Hupa, Mikko

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    During kraft recovery boiler operation, situations can be encountered where the furnace temperature is asymmetric when comparing one side of the furnace to the other (i.e., left vs. right). In this paper, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is applied to study furnace load and liquor spraying as causes for asymmetric furnace temperatures in a 4450 tons dry solids (TDS)/day kraft recovery boiler. The model predictions are compared against validation measurements. Decrease in furnace load is identified as the main cause of the temperature asymmetry. The simulations also suggest that, at decreased load, relatively small differences in the tilts of individual liquor sprays can increase the temperature asymmetry.
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    JulkaisuTappi Journal
    TilaJulkaistu - 2012
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