Caring from the heart as belonging-the basis for mediating compassion

Jessica Hemberg, Lena Wiklund Gustin

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The aim ofthis study was to illuminate nurses’ experiences of mediating compassion topatients in the home care context.


Aphenomenological hermeneutical approach was used.


The datacomprised of texts from interviews with twelve nurses in a home care context.Informed consent was sought from participants regarding participation in thestudy and the storage and handling of data for research purposes.


Four themeswere seen: Encountering oneanother as human beings, Being in the moment, Bearing responsibility for theother and Being in a loving communion. The overall theme was: Acting fromone’s inner ethos, heart of goodness and love. Mediating compassion asbelonging can be interpreted as the “component” that holds the caringrelationship together and unites the different levels of health as doing, beingand becoming in the ontological health model. Further research should focus onrevealing compassion from the perspective of patients.                                                                         


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TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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  • caring, compassion, hermeneutics, home care, int