Bringing ideals into dialogue with practices: on the principles and practices of the Nordic Network for Action Research

Karin Rönnerman, Petri Salo, Eli Moksnes Furu, Torbjørn Lund, Anette Olin, Rachel Jakhelln

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In this article we present the Nordic Network for Action Research, established in 2004. We describe how the network has explored, bridged and nurtured the inherent action research dynamics of ideology and methodology. This has been done through an understanding anchored in educational traditions, and by focus on three important ideal-shaping Nordic educational concepts: bildung, folk enlightenment and pedagogy. The specific procedures used for learning based on dialogue have been scrutinized and transformed into activities. These activities are being developed in the network, and used in collaboration with researchers and with teachers and leaders in preschools and schools. The article concludes the importance of ongoing global conversations, based on openness, shared democratic values and collaboration between various participants. 

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JulkaisuEducational Action Research
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TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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  • collaborative action research
  • Nordic traditions
  • dialogues
  • practice-based research