Analysis of the plasma proteome using iTRAQ and TMT-based Isobaric labeling

R Moulder, SD Bhosale, DR Goodlett, Riitta Lahesmaa

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Over the past decade, chemical labeling with isobaric tandem mass tags, such as isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification reagents (iTRAQ) and tandem mass tag (TMT) reagents, has been employed in a wide range of different clinically orientated serum and plasma proteomics studies. In this review the scope of these works is presented with attention to the areas of research, methods employed and performance limitations. These applications have covered a wide range of diseases, disorders and infections, and have implemented a variety of different preparative and mass spectrometric approaches. In contrast to earlier works, which struggled to quantify more than a few hundred proteins, increasingly these studies have provided deeper insight into the plasma proteome extending the numbers of quantified proteins to over a thousand.
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JulkaisuMass Spectrometry Reviews
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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  • disease research
  • isobaric labeling
  • immunodepletion
  • peptide fractionation
  • protein biomarkers
  • plasma