All-solid-state electrochemical platform for potentiometric measurements

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    A unique concept of all-solid-state electrochemical platform is presented in this paper. The electrochemically active composite body of the platform, in conjunction with an internal reference element, serves both as a reference electrode and an encasement for the indicator electrode(s). The solid-state composite reference electrode is simple to manufacture, mechanically processable, maintenance free, and has significantly reduced leakage of inorganic salt. This analytical-quality reference electrode combined with solid-state indicator electrodes makes a novel and attractive proposition for an all-solid-state electrochemical device.

    The platform can contain different types of electrochemical indicator electrodes, such as ion-selective electrodes, glassy carbon, gold, or platinum electrodes. As an example, in this work anionic- (chloride) and cationic- (potassium) selective platforms were prepared and successfully tested in potentiometric measurements.

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    JulkaisuSensors and Actuators B: Chemical
    Vuosikerta207, Part B
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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    • Composite
    • Ion selective electrodes
    • Mechanically processable
    • Robust electrochemical system
    • Solid-state reference electrode