A systematic mapping of Nordic youth surveys

Henrik Groundstroem, Lillemor Östman, Jacob Groundstroem, Jessica Hemberg, Sofia Smått-Nyman, Rasmus Isomaa, Pia Nyman-Kurkiala

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Aim: The aim of this study was to map the existing Nordic youth surveys and to answer the following research questions: how many youth surveys are conducted in the Nordic countries?, what major youth surveys are being conducted in all Nordic countries?, and what themes do the existing questionnaires deal with in the various countries?

Method: Data was collected from January to April 2018 through a systematic mapping technique and the surveys were analyzed according to quality criteria.

Results: The results showed a total of 143 surveys and after exclusion due to poor survey quality, 82 fit the inclusion criteria. In the Nordic countries, six surveys were identified that covered all Nordic countries. The themes that youth surveys usually focus on are criminality, school, physical and mental health, addiction, societal participation and family relationships.

Conclusion: Many similar youth surveys exist both nationally and on a Nordic level. During the last forty years, there has also been an exponential increase in surveys aimed at young people. A larger coordination of these surveys would be beneficial and increase their quality as well as limit the number of surveys that young people are exposed to. This study identifies the need for a coordinated Nordic youth survey and the potential benefits on a regional, national and Nordic level.
TilaJulkaistu - 5 marrask. 2020
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KonferenssiNuorisotutkimuspäivät 2020


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