A Formal Approach to Identifying Security Vulnerabilities in Telecommunication Networks

Inna Vistbakka, Elena Troubitsyna, Linas Laibinis, Ian Oliver, Silke Holtmanns

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The number of security attacks on the telecommunication networks is constantly increasing. To prevent them, the telecom sector is looking for new automated techniques facilitating a discovery of potential network vulnerabilities and rectification of them. In this paper, we propose an approach for identifying potential attack scenarios and defining recommendations for preventing them. The approach is formalised in the Event-B framework. It allows us to not only formalise the analysed part of the network architecture and verify consistency of the control and data flow of the associated services but also employ model checking to generate and analyse attack scenarios. By applying the proposed approach, the designers can systematically explore network vulnerabilities and propose recommendations for attack prevention.

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OtsikkoFormal Methods and Software Engineering 18th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2016, Tokyo, Japan, November 14-18, 2016, Proceedings
ToimittajatKazuhiro Ogata, Mark Lawford, Shaoying Liu
ISBN (elektroninen)978-3-319-47846-3
ISBN (painettu)978-3-319-47845-6
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TilaJulkaistu - 2016
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TapahtumaInternational Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM) - International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods -- ICFEM 2016
Kesto: 14 marraskuuta 201618 marraskuuta 2016


KonferenssiInternational Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM)