North-South-South: Sustainable Development and Human Rights Network Project

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    The project was based on cooperation between Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku in Finland and four universities in Africa: University of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar University in Tanzania, Makerere University in Uganda and University of Pretoria in South Africa. The project included student and teacher exchange, intensive courses and network meetings. It was coordinated by Åbo Akademi University between 2007-8/2013. Thereafter, the project coordination moved to the University of Turku (2013-2015).
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    • Åbo Akademi (johto)
    • Turun yliopisto
    • Makerere University
    • University of Dar es Salaam
    • Zanzibar University
    • University of Pretoria


    • Centre for International Mobility