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Shipping is a key industry in international trade and emits 1 million tons CO2 per year – approx. 2% of global emissions. Analyses show emissions in shipping can be reduced rapidly and cost efficiently using existing technologies and that there is a growing demand carbon-neutral shipping. However, significant obstacles remain. The processes for sourcing carbon-neutral freight are missing, which means consumers and industry cannot buy carbon-neutral shipping. More specifically:
1. The processes are missing for how to communicate the emissions to the end customer. This makes it impossible to sell verifiably low-emission freight and makes it difficult to capitalize on existing and future investments in low-emission freight.
2. Operating multimodal low-emission logistic chains in a transparent but secure way is challenging when the business is highly fragmented and there are very many different systems that must interact.
3. The processes with which the cargo owner can evaluate when carbon-neutral shipping brings competitive advantage, are missing. This hinders the introduction of renewable fuels in shipping.

This means the channel between supply and demand for carbon-neutral freight does not function. For example, when buying from Amazon the customer cannot choose low-emission freight.
The aim of the project is to develop digital processes for sourcing and coordinating multimodal carbon-neutral freight. The outcome will be a model that can be implemented globally regardless of the length of the sea voyage. This will improve competitiveness of investments in low-emission technologies and competitiveness of Finnish exports.
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