Deployment of Model-Based Technologies to Industrial Testing

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D-Mint is an ITEA-2 project, based on a consortium of 27 partners from industry and research based in 5 European countries. The project investigates how existing concepts and techniques in the area of Model-Based Development can be adapted and applied in industrial settings in order to improve the effectiveness of the testing process in the area of embedded and distributed software systems. The main objective is to contribute to the development, enhancement, and practical deployment of high performance testing methods and tools in the Finnish industrial environments. The activity of the project is focused towards the telecommunication systems domain, although other application domains present in the project like automotive, control, etc. are under scrutiny.

Key findings

Analysis of real costs in time and investments across all consortium members showed that not only could direct test costs be reduced by 15% using model-based
testing, but that test coverage could be improved by 10%. This translates into an
overall improvement of some 20 to 25% in overall test costs.

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