Care work at cultural and linguistic crossroads: Culture-specific understandings of social care and barriers related to minority language in social care services provided to/by language minorities

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The immigrants from the post-Soviet countries (in particular Russia) are perceived as a possible solution to the workforce shortage in the Swedish-language social care services in Finland, which suffer a severe workforce shortage. This research explores institutional and interactional language barriers as well as mismatches between different perceptions of social care, considering the efforts of different stakeholders in reconciling diverse and potentially conflicting interests, images and experiences.
The research is qualitative and longitude.

In 09.2021-08.2022 research was financed by Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland with funding from Ragnar, Ester, Rolf och Margareta Bergboms fond; Ingrid, Margit och Henrik Höijers donationsfond I; Selma, Ingrid och Lars Wasastjernas fond.
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