AccelEd - Accelerating Master and PhD level nursing education development in the higher education system in Kazakhstan

Projektin tiedot


Erasmus+ structural project aims to promote nursing science and research as
perspective areas to develop career in Kazakhstan.
Specific objectives set within the work packages (WPs) are the following:
1. To strengthen nursing science in Kazakhstan through the capacity building of teaching staff based on contemporary
issues in global nursing (WP2.1), 2. to build the capacity of nursing faculty in nursing research methodologies by joining to the broader international
community of nursing researchers (WP2.2), 3. To create sustainable structures and systematic processes for cooperation on nursing research between medical
universities and healthcare institutions in order to foster evidence-based nursing (WP2.3), 4. To initiate structural and institutional changes in managing Master and PhD level nursing education and quality
assurance of post graduate education in nursing according to best European practices (WP2.4). and 5. To strengthen the role of nurses in healthcare system of Kazakhstan and promote the development of nursing science
and research on PhD and higher levels (WP4).
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