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I am a PhD candidate in history. My dissertation has the working title: Contesting Empire – Fighting the Inevitable: Eurafrican Spaces on the British Gold Coast

I am interested in how different stages of multiculturalism, the local expressions of globalism and the spatiality of modernism as well as cosmopolitanism manifested itself on the Gold Coast. My focus is on Eurafrican multicultural communities and mixed-race hybrid spaces between 1850 and 1950. My aim is to implement and challenge spatial theory as a way of understanding complex social histories through diversifying them.

Recently I have become more interested in the approaches of global history and its implemented concepts, such as ‘glocalities’, ‘global enunciations’, ‘portals of globality’ as well as spatial entanglements between places, territories, regions and networks.

I manage the homepage, where you can find my more detailed professional profile here:


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