Valokuva Gerhard Schildberg-Schroth

Gerhard Schildberg-Schroth

Yliopistolehtori em. PhD

1974 …2015

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  • The subject of my work focuses on the field of the German language, its literature, and history, in particular that of the 19th and 20th Centuries, which, however, does not exclude references in other periods in history and cultures. The theoretic-methodical base takes its pattern from as well structural narratology and from as well constructivistically orientated concepts in poetics, aesthetics, and semiotics (cf. Köngäs Maranda & Maranda, Ihwe, Lotman, S. J. Schmidt, Goodman,  Eco).
  • If there is a common line in my work, whether in teaching or in research, which moreover are understood and handled as a unit, irrespective to the level (cf. Humboldt/ Bruner), it would be the epistemological principle that it is theory which defines what we call facts (cf. Popper). And further: because all theory is "Menschenwerk", because always referring to certain kind of "Denkstile" (Feyerabend), as a consequence, my work, at its best, can deliver some kind of building-stones, a particular point of view, how our world might be perceived and how humankind has created, and can create our world (cf. Goodman).
  • In other words: my work rests on the assumption of "kleinste Größe", but not even less (cf. Schildberg-Schroth 1995, 2005). This topic is also pursued in the series Dichtung-Wahrheit-Sprache (LIT Verlag) and Tyska studier (Åbo Akademi), peered in cooperation with Heinz Günter Schmitz and Jörg W. as co-editors in chief (D: Kiel University), including the editiors involved in the publishing of the single volumes, Rudolf de Cillia (A: Wien University), Ángel Huguet (E: Lleida University), Pauli Kaikkonen (FI: Jyväskyla University), Viljas Kohonen (FI: Tampere University), Annikki Koskensalo (FI: Turku University), Minna Maijala (FI: Turku University), Klaus-Dieter Wannig (TR: Mersin University), and John Smeds (FI: Turku University).
  • Employments and appointments in school: Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg (Praktikant); Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt-Gymnasium/ IPTS Lübeck (Studienreferendar); Gymnasium Marne (Studienrat) for the subjects German language and literature, History, Philosophy
  • Employments and appointments in university: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germanistisches Seminar (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft Lehrstuhl Prof. Debus), Institut für Literaturwissenschaft (Lehrbeauftragter, Studienrat im Hochschuldienst i.V.); Åbo Akademi University, Germansk filologi (Lecturer (DAAD-Lektor), Acting Professor (Forskningsledare), Senior Lecturer (Akademilektor)).


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