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Elisabeth Nordenswan

Master of Arts (psychology)


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Within the framework of child self-regulation development, I'm especially interested in the following topics:

How does maternal executive functioning affect maternal caregiving behavior?

How does maternal caregiving affect child executive functioning development?

Is maternal caregiving a link between maternal and child executive functioning; does intergenerational transmission of executive functioning take place through maternal caregiving?

Can child development of executive functions be supported through interventions focusing om maternal caregiving behavior?


After recieving my master's degree in psychology from Åbo Akademi University, I worked for a few years in child and adolescent inpatient and outpatient clinics. While working with the families, I often encountered questions concerning whether a child's challenges were related to neuropsychological functioning or socio-emotional well-being, and became interested in how these aspects of human functioning develop in interaction with each other.

I've had the opportunity to deepen my understanding for these questions, as I in 2016 started my PhD studies within the FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study, a multi-disciplinay study that explores the combined influence of environmental and genetic factors on child development and later health outcomes. I work within the Child Development and Parental Functioning Lab. We are conducting multiple study visits with children and their parents, assessing self-regulation with cognitive test batteries, experimental tasks, eye movement tracking, mother-child free-play situations, and questionnaires. This behavioral data is linked to other FinnBrain data to unravel the biological and neural mechanisms of the development of self-regulation.


Together with a collegue I've taught a course on psychological evaluations of children and adolescents for psychology students at Åbo Akademi University during the years 2015-2018.


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