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Ann-Charlotte Palmgren

Doctor of Social Sciences


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I currently work as a researcher in a project (2019-2022) about temporality in children’s and youth’s literature and culture. The project is funded by Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland.

My research interests include feminist urban studies, girlhood studies, youth studies, internet studies, and methodological questions within ethnography. I’m interested in combining research, academic writing, and poetic writing. I have especially worked with and published on critical ethnography, poetic inquiry, and interviewing.

I am an associate professor (in Swedish: docent) in Gender Studies, particularly methodology (Åbo Akademi University). I have a PhD in Gender Studies and a MA in Nordic Ethnology from Åbo Akademi University. In my doctoral thesis, defended 2014, I investigate how eating disorders and girlhood are constructed in the blogs of girls. The study emanates from girl studies as well as from blog research in the qualitative tradition of cultural analysis, and from feminist research into the body and eating disorders.

I enjoy teaching at all levels, from the introduction course to courses aimed at post-graduate students. In addition, I give lectures and workshops in university pedagogics. I regularly and extensively teach feminist theory, qualitative methods, and methodology. I have organized the BA and MA thesis seminar and I am currently supervisor of one PhD student.


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