Data belonging to the publication: "Computational analysis of the role of mechanosensitive Notch signaling in arterial adaptation to hypertension"

  • Jordy G. M. van Asten (Luoja)
  • Tommaso Ristori (Luoja)
  • David R Nolan (Luoja)
  • Caitríona Lally (Luoja)
  • Frank P T Baaijens (Luoja)
  • Cecilia Sahlgren (Luoja)
  • Sandra Loerakker (Luoja)



This study couples a Finite Element model for arterial mechanics to an Agent-Based model for mechanosensitive Notch signaling among vascular smooth muscle cells to predict the phenotype of these cells under hypertension, a loss of residual stresses in the artery, and manipulations of the Notch signaling pathway. This dataset contains the codes for the Finite Element model, the Agent-Based model and the coupling between them, as well as the raw data generated by these models.
Koska saatavilla7 heinäk. 2022