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Visited to UiT, Tromso, through the Nordic POP mobility program, to conduct an in vitro permeability assay of an acyclovir-based nanoemulsion on the mucus-PVPA model (robust in vitro method that can effectively predict drug absorption by mimicking the physiological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract) as part of my PhD research work.


The purpose of this mobility is to learn how to conduct the permeability assay using a model that UiT Arctic University's Department of Pharmacy has developed. The drug transport and delivery team at UiT has vast experience in this area. This is a great opportunity to learn and gain valuable insights into the mucus-PVPA based model for assessing the permeability of drugs and its applications in drug development.
Aikajakso19 marrask. 202320 jouluk. 2023
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