Mahendra Tiwari

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Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education (FICORE)


The project "Thermal conversion of challenging Indian and Finnish feedstocks with a focus on pyrolysis" is being carried out at ÅA's High-Temperature Processes and Materials Research Group as part of FICORE. The objective of the project is to characterize challenging Finnish and Indian feedstocks for pyrolysis processes using pyrolysis lab facilities available at ÅA and IITM. The ultimate aim is to provide the necessary information for designing and developing pyrolysis processes with a high product yield and quality. Also, the aim of the project is to increase research collaboration and mobility between ÅA and IITM.
Aikajakso7 elok. 202330 syysk. 2023
Mistä vieraileeIndian Institute of Technology Madras (India)
Vierailijan tutkintoPhD student
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen