Giada Peterle

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PUTSPACE fellowship visit.


"GeoGraphic Narratives of Public Transport Lines: Creative Methods to Explore Urban Complexities Moving Across Space and Time"

The project stems from the idea that stories have always been an effective tool to stimulate memories, emotions and opinions to emerge, but are also valuable methods to do innovative research in urban contexts. The interdisciplinary research project brings cultural geography and the geohumanities, urban and mobility studies, literary and comic book geographies together, to analyse public transport in Turku from the creative perspective of “narrative geographies”. After qualitative fieldwork through creative, mobile, and narrative methods of research, the interviews, visual memories, and archival materials collected along the tramway of Turku have been translated in an original geoGraphic narrative written and drawn by Giada Peterle. Her creative output, titled Lines. Moving With Stories of Public Transport in Turku, will be published by Italian Publishing house BeccoGiallo and by the online journal of graphic journalism Stormi, in its Italian translation.
Aikajakso15 tammik. 202015 helmik. 2020
Mistä vieraileeUniversity of Padua (Italy)
Vierailijan tutkintoPhD
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