Future open scholarship in Wittgenstein studies in the light of current open science policy

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Open Science is a trendy notion. It’s an ideal as well as a set of practices and policies developed in the wake of the first decades of digitization with the aim of making scholarship more transparent overall – throughout the research cycle, including the infrastructures for scholarship. In this presentation, I present some strands of current open science policy, which have bearing on the practices and needs
of Wittgenstein scholars, and draw out some points of action for accelerating the possibilities of open scholarship.
Aikajakso7 lokak. 2022
Tapahtuman otsikko70 Years of Editing Wittgenstein - History, Challenges and Possiblities: 7th Symposium of the International Wittgenstein Society
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SijaintiMilano, ItalyNäytä kartalla
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