The Beauty and Mystery of the Bright Light – A Gate to the Source of Strength for Health

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Background: Within health science research there is an ongoing discussion from a holistic viewpoint about health and how human beings may find strength. By uncovering health on a philosophical and ontological level the source of strength may be found within the human being.  

Aims: The aim of this study is to uncover and deepen the ontological understanding of health and the source of strength by expanding our understanding of what gives the suffering human being the strength of becoming in health. The research questions are: what is the source of strength as the abstract other for the suffering human being, and what manifests the source of strength to enable its recall and dedication in order for the suffering human being to become in health?

Methodology: The study uses a hermeneutical approach. The material consisted of a philosophical and religious psychological text by Wikström (2007). This text was interpreted through hermeneutical reading and through an abductive approach.

Results: The source of strength is hidden in the darkness of suffering. The mystery of the beauty and bright light is a gate to the source of strength.  The beauty from the source of strength, like joy and sadness, attracts and calls upon the human being. The dedication of strength means affirming the light in the source despite the presence of shame and guilt. In the creative act the source of strength is present and active despite its veiledness. The dedication of the source of strength requires the movement of the still forces of eternity.

Conclusion: The darkness of suffering offers a gate or entry into the source of strength through rays of light. The human being has to affirm the light of the source, despite awareness of shame and guilt. Further research is needed to explore the source of strength for health, for example, on how beauty and the brightest moments in life may enhance health.

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Pages (from-to)819–826
JournalInternational Journal of Caring Sciences
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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