"Mot Kveld", "en liten komposisjon" som har klebet seg fast til Agathe Backer Grøndahls minne

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The song "Eventide" has attracted a large number of listeners and performers and has above all acquired an important role in Norwegian music historiography in connection with women's music repertories. On further examinanation, this idyllic song is able to give us a snapshot of the intersection between children's and grown-ups' consciousness. At first glance, this hitherto not thouroughly analysed song seems simple, but meanings emerge as a mixture of the masque and the voices projected into this song by multiple listeners' and performers' subjective positions. On removal of layers of dominant ideology from the surface, there is excess meaning that can be used to cut off the song's music historiographical meaning. Through the more complicated texture that smoulders beneath the surface of this song, Backer Grøndahl opens up for more realistic dimensions to be interpreted from this seemingly intimate and idyllic song. In this way she leaves further and more sophisticated interpretations to her listeners and amateur performers. In this song Backer Grøndahl opens the romance genre up for more and not som idyllic pictures and brings ut into crisis and change. In this way, she and her amateur performers turn out to be the intersection between established romances composed by Norwegian men, and a future popular, feminine form of expression, which they probably just so the silhouette of.
Original languageNorwegian
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Pages (from-to)61–80
Number of pages20
JournalStudia Musicologica Norvegica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 20 Aug 2009
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