Internationalization through networks from emerging to developed markets with a case study from Ghana to the U.S.A

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This paper scrutinizes SME internationalization from an emerging African market to the affluent U.S. consumer goods textile market. First, by using a network and effectuation approach the paper makes a conceptual focus of SME internationalization. In order to present the internationalization process as it unfolds over time and in its context, a qualitative and dynamic event-based methodology is used to uncover the international development of SMEs. Secondly, a case study is presented which shows the relevance of the conceptual framework in practice. The combined network and effectuation approaches add to the current literature on SME internationalization from emerging to affluent markets. The paper also presents a critical evaluation with conclusions and implications for further research in this area.

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Pages (from-to)98–109
JournalIndustrial Marketing Management
Publication statusPublished - 2018
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  • emerging markets
  • Business networks
  • Internationalization
  • Process inquiry

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