1.7. Internationell jämförelse

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    The text is a comparative section in a governmental White Paper proposing a new self-government act for the Åland Islands (Ålands självstyrelse i utveckling - Ålandskommitténs 2013 slutbetänkande.Justitieministeriets publikation 33/2017). In the text, a number of European autonomies are compared with respect to a number of features.

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    Title of host publicationÅlands självstyrelse i utveckling Å landskommitténs 2013 slutbetänkande Ahvenanmaan itsehallinnon kehittäminen Ahvenanmaa -komitean 2013 loppumietintö
    PublisherMinistry of Justice
    ISBN (Electronic)978-952-259-600-0
    ISBN (Print)978-952-259-599-7
    Publication statusPublished - 2017
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