Återvinning av skönlitteratur: Återvinningsverktygens anpassning efter användares sökbeteenden : En fallstudie på Trelleborgs bibliotek

Claes Dahlqvist, Mattias Palm

Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's thesisTheses

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Traditionally the content of fiction has not been described, analyzed, classified and/or indexed to the same extent as non-fiction. As a consequence, this lack of content analysis has resulted in unsatisfactory fiction retrieval in relation to users’ seeking and search behaviour. This fact is why this Master’s thesis is written. The total of library users’ seeking and search behaviour is investigated in order to suggest methods to improve user adapted fiction retrieval tools. Suggesting relevant fiction retrieval tools corresponding to users’ seeking/search behaviour is another aim of the study. In order to generalize the results, two methods are used, close reading and empirical studies. The latter carried out at the municipal library of Trelleborg. Three major components concerning users’ fiction search/seeking behaviour are identified: initiating factors, content and form preferences and actual search/seeking beahaviour. The most prominent
initiating factors are: familiar authors, book reviews, book recommendations, well known authors, author and book descriptions and library exposure. Users’ content and form preferences are multifaceted and five dominant dimensions are of importance: subject/matter, frame, literary form, author’s intention and accessibilty. Three search strategies are identified: browsing shelves, librarian conversation and use of the library catalogue. Following retrieval tools and related methods are suggested in order to reflect the total of users’ seeking/search behaviour: Classification and indexing systems - should be multifacetted and include subjective elements; both tools for experts, classification and pre-coordinated indexing systems, and for users, postcoordinated indexing systems and absracts, are needed. Shelf classification and exposure - classification by genre is needed as well as bibliographic access. Exposure of reviews, recommendations, author descriptions and exposure of themes are needed. Librarians - should be used as an expert regarding fiction content and form and on the retrival tools of the library. Digitalized catalogues (OPAC:s) - the total of users’ seeking/search behaviour should and can be reflected; multifacetted classification and indexing systems can be implemented, the shelf can virtually be imitated, reviews etc can be exposed.
Original languageSwedish
  • Borlund, Pia, Supervisor, External person
Award date24 May 2004
Place of PublicationLund
Publication statusPublished - 24 May 2004
MoE publication typeG2 Master's thesis, polytechnic Master's thesis

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