Poetry! Performative Perspectives on Poetry Education

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The aim of the project is to strengthen poetry pedagogy in both theory and practice by exploring and developing art-based approaches to poetry teaching with a focus on dance and visual arts. In collaboration with teachers and artists, the project explores how art-based approaches to poetry teaching can contribute to reshape poetry education. The project develops and explores dance and visual arts approaches to poetry teaching at both upper secondary school level and in teacher education and collaborates with professional visual arts and dance artists who recreate spatial and bodily representations of poetry.

The project contributes with new and bold approaches to teaching poetry as well as well as contributes to professional development among project participants teachers, student teachers, artists and researchers. Also, the project contributes to exploring and highlighting the place of poetry in educational contexts and contributes to the development of a theoretical understanding of art-based approaches in poetry teaching.
Short titlePoetry!
Effective start/end date01/08/20 → …


  • poetry
  • poetry education
  • performative research
  • arts-based
  • dance
  • visual arts
  • literary education


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