Improving Transient Control and Energy Efficiency by digital hydraulics (TEKES, KITARA-programme)

  • Walden, Marina (CoPI)
  • Sere, Kaisa (PI)
  • Boström, Pontus (CoI)
  • Morel, Lionel (CoI)
  • Satpathy, M (CoI)
  • Olszewska, Marta (CoI)
  • Meincke, Larissa (CoI)
  • Malik, Qaisar (CoI)

Project Details


Digital hydraulics systems contain advanced and intelligent control algorithms, where reliability is an important issue. The complexity of control code is a problem in Digital Hydraulic systems and the problem becomes even more severe when new control features are added. Within the ITCEE-project we are relying on formal software construction techniques to assist in developing reliable complex algorithms. We have developed a method for structuring control systems using mode-automata and Simulink/Stateflow, where control logic is separated from signal processing and control computation. Furthermore, a development method involving design by contract applied on the Simulink models has been developed. The method provides a way of verifying the validity of the system in a stepwise manner. In order to provide an alternative way for finding contract violations in complex control systems we have investigated optimization based search methods

In cooperation with the IHA-lab at Tampere University of Technology, we have set up the requirements for the digital hydraulics system and created a structured specification of the system using our methodology. The quality of the Simulink models are being assessed to better evaluate the performance of the development methods.
Effective start/end date01/08/0531/07/08

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