Governance principles and mEthods enabling deCisions maKers to manage and regulate the changing mObility systems

Project Details


The overall goal of this Horizon 2020 project is to support authorities in developing the most appropriate regulatory framework and governance model, through guidance, recommendations and case studies, for the transition to a new mobility era of cooperative, inclusive, competitive, sustainable and interconnected mobility across all modes, through evidence-based research.

Key findings

Expected outputs include:
Knowledge bank with state of play on innovation and new mobility solutions
Regulatory Frameworks Dashboard to assesses the economic, technological and social impacts of disruptive technologies and business models on regulatory and governance frameworks
Compliance Map to visualise the results of the Dashboard, using case studies
Roadmap with target for better regulatory policy and actions needed for achievement
Policy recommendations
Short titleGovernance for New Mobility Solutions
Effective start/end date01/12/1831/08/21


  • Mobility
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Governance
  • Regulation


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