Exploring the Community Following the @AITA_Online Twitter Account

Project Details


The AITA acronym comes from the subReddit r/AmITheAsshole which is a subReddit where people go to write a story which is in some way morally ambiguous, and in which they feel they may have been in the right or in the wrong and they ask the followers for their honest judgment.
We are examining the Twitter repost community which follows the account @AITA_Online, which is run by a real human who selects by themselves, or thanks to suggestions from community members, which posts on Reddit they should re-share to Twitter for the Twitter followers, and the Twitter followers then participate in this same kind of judging activity that the ones in Reddit also engage in.
We are interested in a range of behaviours such as contributing to the affinity space through liking and poll participation, conversational humour, intertextuality, memes, understandings of the moral order, (im)polite behaviours.
Effective start/end date01/09/20 → …

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