Centre of Excellence for Research on Ageing and Care Research Group 3 Migration, Care and Ageing

  • Wrede, Sirpa (Principal Investigator)
  • Nordberg, Camilla (Co-Investigator)
  • Olakivi, Antero (Co-Investigator)
  • Buchert, Ulla (Co-Investigator)
  • Kouvonen, Anne (Principal Investigator)
  • Riitaoja, Anna-Leena (Co-Investigator)
  • May, Vanessa (Principal Investigator)
  • Kemppainen, Laura (Co-Investigator)
  • Asikainen, Anastasia (Co-Investigator)
  • Pirhonen, Jari Pentti Tapio (Co-Investigator)
  • Harju, Maija Elina (Co-Investigator)
  • Laakkonen, Riku (Co-Investigator)
  • Blomqvist, Katarina (Co-Investigator)
  • Simola, Anna (Co-Investigator)
  • Laisi, Inka (Co-Investigator)
  • Safarov, Nuriiar (Co-Investigator)
  • Pietilä, Ilkka (Co-Investigator)
  • Begum, Shahnaj (Co-Investigator)
  • Takahashi, Erika (Co-Investigator)
  • Avdeeva, Anna (Co-Investigator)
  • Shindo, Reiko (Co-Investigator)
  • Niemi, Mia (Co-Investigator)
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