Marko Lamberg

Marko Lamberg

Specialforskare, Professor (utan professur), Docent i nordisk historia samt i samfunds- och gemenskapshistoria

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Research interests

Participant in the research project Waves of Banishments? Regulations and Practices of Expulsion in Northern Europe, 1450–1900 (Academy of Finland/The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) 2023–2024.

Participant also in two research projects outside the Åbo Akademi University: Northern Nightmares, 1400-2020 (University of Helsinki) and Pätkätyön pitkä historia: lyhytkestoiset työt ja niiden tekijät osana suomalaista yhteiskuntaa 1450–1860 (Tampere University).

Most of my recent publications have been listed in these resources:

Some of my texts can be found and read online, for example here:


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