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Research interests

historical linguistics, variationist sociolinguistics (incl. dialectology), contact linguistics, applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, lexical/semantic changes, clausal syntax


Modules created:

  • History of the English Language
  • Perspectives on Contact-Induced Language Change [English linguistics]
  • Linguistics of Language Learning (with elements of corpus linguistics) [applied linguistics]
  • Writing for Research in English - prep for BA/MA thesis writing [instruction in language proficiency]
  • Pronunciation [instruction in language proficiency - Finnish users of English]
  • Structures and Sounds of English 1 [PR lectures in linguistics; descriptive grammar - corpus-based/corpus-search grammar]

Modules co-created and co-taught:

  • BA Seminar - Main supervisor [English linguistics]
  • English as a World Language [variationist linguistics]
  • Methods and Corpus Technology in Variationist Research [responsible for: historical corpora section]
  • Intercultural Studies [translation studies]
  • Perspectives on Language Education [applied linguistics]
  • Text and Discourse 1

Other modules taught in the past:

  • Structures of English 2 [advanced descriptive grammar - advanced corpus-based/corpus-search grammar]
  • Academic Essay Writing [instruction in language proficiency]
  • Introduction to Academic Writing [instruction in language proficiency]
  • Spoken Communication/Academic & Professional Communication [instruction in language proficiency]
  • Styles, Genres and Registers [PEL1]
  • English for Professional Purposes [PEL1]
  • Text & discourse - Information packaging [PEL2]
  • Organizational Communication
  • Descriptive Grammar, with elements of Syntax [PEL1]
  • English Phonology [CES1]
  • Varieties of English [CES 2-4 modules]
  • Sociolinguistics and social history [CES 2-4 and HS 2-4 modules]

From 1st Aug 2021 until 31 Oct 2022: affiliated researcher

From 1st Nov 2022 until 31 March 2023: lecturer in English

Project researcher 1st April 2023 - ongoing:

Coordination and international research within the ICLE project

Education/Academic qualification

PhD, Anglo-Scandinavian Language Contacts and Word Order Change in Early English, University of Eastern Finland

Award Date: 15 Jun 2016

Pedagogical Studies Diploma, Nicolaus Copernicus University

1 Oct 200124 Jun 2003

Award Date: 3 Jul 2003

Master, Language Contact in the British Isles - Scandinavian Influence on English Lexicon: Borrowings, Lexical and Semantic Change, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Award Date: 24 Jun 2003

LANGNET Finnish Graduate School in Language Studies; Sub-programme: Language Variation, Contacts and Change (paid post), University of Eastern Finland

1 Jan 200731 Dec 2009

External positions

Translator/Co-editor, The Copernicus Journal of Political Studies (Nicolaus Copernicus University)

1 Jun 201421 Nov 2014


  • PE English
  • Early English
  • Middle English
  • Early Modern English
  • Varieties of English
  • Present-Day English
  • ELF
  • P Philology. Linguistics
  • Contact linguistics
  • Language change
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Applied Linguistics
  • PD Germanic languages
  • Historical linguistics
  • Dialectology
  • North Germanic languages
  • PF West Germanic
  • English
  • LB2300 Higher Education
  • SLA
  • FLT
  • ESP
  • EFL
  • QA76 Computer software
  • Computer archive
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Computer-assisted research
  • Corpus annotation


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